Comfort Visco Mattress

Open cell heat and pressure sensitive Visco Elastic “Smart Sponge” technology.
7+2 cm Visco, 70+60 Dns, 22 cm Height


ViscoLove Bed

Comfort Visco Mattress

Comfort Visco Mattress 7 cm high 70 density Visco Elastic “Smart Foam” and 2 cm high 60 density Visco material
produced by combining. Extra comfort is provided with the extra visco used. Comfort Visco Mattress with its body temperature sensitive structure
It fills all the gaps in your body, provides an uninterrupted sleep by relieving pressure points, and improves blood circulation.
helps to regulate, relieves joint pain and keeps the spine in a straight line.

With the CoolSoft application in the Comfort Visco Mattress fabric, heat balance is provided throughout the night.

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