Energy Visco Mattress


Visco mattress in your heart, price in your mind.

Medium Hard, 7 cm Visco, 20 cm Height


Visko Love Bed

Energy Visco Mattress

We brought the clouds to you at an affordable price!
Vücudunuzun şeklini alan 60 Dansite Visko Love Energy yataklar kan dolaşımınızı rahatlatarak sizi dinlendirici bir uykuya kavuşturuyor. Yataklarımızın nefes alan yapısı sayesinde sizi kesintisiz, sağlıklı ve zinde bir gün bekliyor olacak. Uyku sırasında kalça ve omuz bölgesindeki basıncın azalmasını ve vücudunuzun düzgün durmasını sağlayan visko “Akıllı Sünger” ViskoLove Energy yatağımızın kusursuz yapısı ile birleşerek sizlere mükemmel bir uykunun kapını açıyor…

Visko Love Energy Visko Yatak
Visko Love Energy Visko Yatak

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Comfortable and Healthy Sleep
Our Visko “Smart Sponge” mattresses perfectly adapt to all curves of the human body from head to toe, while returning to its original form after use. It has been specially designed with its structure that provides natural spine support for your body and completely relaxes your muscles.

Premium Memory Foam
Our Visco “Smart Sponge” mattresses are made of high quality memory foam and are meant to last for years.

It is safe to use, healthy for everyone. With the Sanitized feature of our fabrics, a safe sleep will be waiting for you.

Breathable Inner and Outer Cover
The outer sheath has tiny pores, which is breathable and good for air circulation. The dustproof inner cover extends the life of our ergonomically designed bearings more effectively. It comes with an antibacterial mattress cover. Soft and smooth, highly breathable. You can completely remove the cover and wash it for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Sanitized Antibacterial Fabric
Sanitized effectively prevents the formation and growth of mold, bacteria and fungus. Besides, Sanitized removes stains and odors and repels dust mites.


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